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Breeze <3
1. In-game name and STEAM ID? 
Breeze <3 / STEAM_0:1:461808609

2. Age?

3. Maximum attained MM rank?
Legendary Eagle

4. Servers that you use and what times you play?
Mainly 1v1. Whenever I fell like playing 1v1 really :/

5. Qualifications / Past Experience?
I am a senior admin on SacrificeCS. Sacrifice is now a Minecraft and Unturned community and no longer hosts CS Sad

6. Tell us why you want to be admin?
Because hackers and trolls deserve to burn Smile

7. Are you willing to follow admin guidelines as directed by Roo? (some variations in admin style may be allowed).
Yes Smile
[Image: giphy.gif]

[Image: oenGSMG.png]
Hi Breeze , Good application, will try get back to you soon. Also could you provide a website link or someting for the SacrificeCS?
Hi Roo,

Here is the discord link for Sacrifice.

[Image: giphy.gif]

[Image: oenGSMG.png]
Approved 1v1 Arena.

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