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Admin Benjipops
1. In-game name and STEAM ID?

In game Name: Benjipops 

Steam ID:

2. Age?


3. Maximum attained MM rank?

Distinguished Master Guardian 

4. Servers that you use and what times you play?

I used to play a lot of Perth 1v1 server just for fun, trying to grind to the #1 spot. Now I mostly just jump on retakes to warmup with my team usually till pretty late at night around 9pm onward most weekdays. I am often on in the early evening too, though, any other time is unlikely since I have other commitments.

5. Qualifications / Past Experience?

Admin and co-server owner of a AU minecraft server several years ago. Also a moderator for a couple AU twitch streamers who average 20-30 viewers  Tongue .

6. Tell us why you want to be admin?

Honestly, the Perth servers are pretty much the only community servers I join these days. Everyone knows each other and the vibes are always good when I join. It's just those times when someone usually from over east joins who is freshly banned off of the KZG servers and just want to bring their attitude to the Perth retakes. I feel like it is somewhat rare for an admin to be active when this happens. I am not someone who would abuse the admin powers, all I would like is to simply use them when it is very much needed.

7. Are you willing to follow admin guidelines as directed by Roo? (some variations in admin style may be allowed).

I'm pretty easy going. Whatever guidelines you set I will willing to follow. I won't treat any of my mates as exceptions to the rules you set.
Nice application. Will get back to you Asap.
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