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TommyK Admin Application
1. In-game name and STEAM ID?

IGN: tommyk.7H / .7H tommyk
SteamID: 76561198934785247

2. Age?


3. Maximum attained MM rank?

Master Guardian 2

4. Servers that you use and what times you play?

Perth Retakes 

Usually Monday - Thursday 7 to 9:30 pm.
Saturday and Sunday all day

5. Qualifications / Past Experience?

Moderate a twitch streamers chat who averages around 20 viewers. He used to play cs but now he plays poe :p

6. Tell us why you want to be admin?

I would like to be admin on this server because I believe that I can moderate servers and have a good sense of what punishments to issue people. I am also not toxic and would love to expand the community and make it a non-toxic one. Also very good at following rules. Hackers deserve to be banned. Honestly the only server I play considered that it's one of the best retakes servers.

7. Are you willing to follow admin guidelines as directed by Roo? (some variations in admin style may be allowed).


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