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Admin Guidelines
Admin Guidelines:

1. Abuse of other players: If a player is being abused and is getting offended or emotional the offender should be warned three time. Includes racism. Time of mute is up to admins discretion.
If a player can't defend themselves you should look out for them every now and then.

2. Voice Spam: Causing disruptions in voice follow time from 1 but mute or gag or both instead of ban, warn 3 time. Music can be played if most players agree to it.

3. Ruining other players game by blocking them etc. Follow ban protocol from 1.

4. Doxing - revealing personal info of others players to attack them. 1 Warning/No warnings. First ban 1 month: Second Ban: Perm

5. Abuse of voteban system: warn if you can: first ban starts at 1 day then double it each time they do it.

6. Hacking is a Perm ban no warning.

7. If players are not on site and their timing is way off they can be banned for 10 minutes with the reason "Go Do a Tutorial Smile". 

8. If a player has a ping higher than 110 and does not speak English they can be banned for 1 month at a time. 

9. Players with annoying names using weird symbols that distract other players and do not display correctly in chat can be requested to change name, it is up to admins discretion to issue any punishment for these players. 

10. Racist weapon names: player will be asked to change the name and if not punishment will be issued at admins discretion.

Admins please check this regularly for changes.
More will be added soon.

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