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Admin Application
1. In-game name and STEAM ID?

In game Name: Slips/v8 

Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:230926655

2. Age?

15 (turning 16 in September)

3. Maximum attained MM rank?

Distinguished Master Guardian (this was a very long time ago) 

4. Servers that you use and what times you play?

I use the Perth 1v1 server everyday to unwind at around 6 and play for an hour or so, sometimes I hop on other servers to play surf and bhop

5. Qualifications / Past Experience?

I previously worked on a Garry's Mod Trouble in Terrorist town server called Greenlight, this was back in 2015 and the server has since been deactivated. I haven't worked on any CS:GO server before. I've worked on some small CS:GO leagues as an Administrator 

6. Tell us why you want to be admin?

Because with this server being relatively new, the server is more vulnerable to people trying to break the rules and use the server as their own via the vote kick/ban commands. The perth server from what I've seen on discord and in game is a very nice community, but of course not everyone is as nice and rule abiding. That's why you want admins, and I'm happy to be one and to support this server's growth from now till the future. Yeah you may think that you shouldn't have a 15 year old being an admin, but I believe in myself as mature and wanting the best for the server and the community.

7. Are you willing to follow admin guidelines as directed by Roo? (some variations in admin style may be allowed).

As long as Roo isn't asking me to do things that I believe are ethically wrong, I'm happy to follow what he wants me to do. If there is something I don't agree with in the guidelines I'll point it out and hopefully we can compromise.
Nice application well said. Will get back to you, definately a chance.
Approved 1v1 Arena.

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